March 19

Being with Taya: Your Retreat Guide


You are in the best. of hands with Taya!

Taya is truly one of those beings who approaches life with a deeply authentic presence, bringing inspiration to each retreat with a subtle mastery that leaves you wondering how the magic gets created.

“It’s all done with such ease and grace and stead-fast happy, easy-going presence: its like a breath of fresh air at every turn.”

Whether guiding a hike, a waterfall jump or offering a deep healing session, Taya’s diverse abilities create a safe and inspiring atmosphere for all.

She is all at once personable and easy-going, and yet also very deeply connected to spirit, the energy of which transfers easily to those around her.

Her love of life and approach of gratitude and acceptance allows those in retreat to easily pick up on this grace, in a way that creates more peace, presence of mind, and higher energy from moment one of any retreat experience.

Having offered retreats and courses for over 15 years, Taya’s level of expertise, divisibility in the field of healing and awakening is up there with the best.


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