September 1

Cleanse and detox


Have you ever done a cleanse? If so then you know the amazing results that can be achieved! Our cleansing programs are customized to suit you!

If you’ve never cleansed: well let me just say: it is truly one of the very best, most rejuvenating things can do!

It doesn’t have to be so hard, it can be so deeply nurturing, causing you to feel better and better each day!

I began cleansing at 18, and have never stopped during period cleanses! I truly believe it is a large part of how I have been able to create incredible longevity and high energy. And I know others fee the same way about it.

Over time I refined my cleansing programs: so that I could offer others the best possible means of cleansing, in the most effective, gentle ways.

During your cleanse: you will receive daily support, guidance and instructions. We provide everything for you: so that you don’t have to use energy preparing anything.

Throughout the day you take in cleansing foods such as spouts, veggie broth, teas, and cleansing herbs and supplements. You will never feel too hungry, deprived nutrient-wise, or unsupported.

We offer daily yoga classes that are specifically designed to support your detox renewal.

You can also choose from a list of healing therapies to compliment your cleanse, and perhaps discover breath-work that will cleanse your cells and bring the great level of energy to you along the way.

Our staff is here to help you through it all, even if that’s a late night phone call from you for extra support.

You will cleanse every organ, and revive your cells. You will be hydrated as never before, so clean, and have that glow you want!

Cleanse and Detox Your Body

You are in good hands with Maui Journey’s cleanse, no matter what your body needs and what your desires for your ideal retreat may be.


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