Day Excursions

Looking to add an island experience to your Maui vacation?

Heleakala Crater Hike

This spot is powerfully energizing, breathtakingly beautiful, and the perfect spot to soak in the quietude, gather insight, and engage in prayer rituals to align yourself with your life's intention and to pay respects to the sacredness of the island.

Waterfalls Abound (Full Day)

Enjoy a day trip to many of our most amazing waterfalls, swim in the freshwater pools, and maybe even take a leap off of a small cliff! This journey is inspiring and magical.

North Shore Adventure (1/2 Day)

Visit the quaint town of Paia, get a little shopping tour in, and see sea turtles and famous surf spots. Take a walk along a white sandy beach and do yoga on the sand dunes. This is a day of play, exercise, and adventure.

Botanical Garden Exploration (Full Day)

Visit our favorite spots, take in the lush beauty of tropical foliage (especially the flowers), eat fresh fruit and drink coconut water!

IAO Valley Hike and Swim (1/2 Day)

This valley/river spot is known as one of Maui's most sacred and energizing spot. Breathtaking valley views and clear waters create a sense of elation, peace, and tranquility. Engage in the Hawaiian ritual of baptism and feel your soul washed clean.

South Shore Beaches (Full Day)

We'll take you to a series of our favorite beaches where you can rest, swim, snorkel, and sometimes take a leap off of a cliff!

Lava Tube Hike (Full Day)

Take a long, peaceful hike through an ocean-side lava field which leads to an ancient lava tube. On the way back, we'll stop at an epic snorkeling spot and enjoy a sunset picnic dinner.

Explore Maui's Hana Coast (Full Day)

A fun-filled, powerful day of waterfalls, hikes, and pristine beaches. Hana is magically lush and remote. One of Maui's best day adventures!


$225 per person for half-day adventures
$350 per person for full-day adventures

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Adventure Activities

  • Paddle-boarding
  • Surfing
  • Windsurfing
  • Kayaking
  • Parasailing
  • Whale Excursions (instruction, ceremony, and breathwork)


$220 per person

Get $50 off our a la carte sessions and excursions using coupon code EarlyBird50.

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