Retreat this fall! Get away for rejuvenating fall reset!

September 1

Fall Retreats


We’re getting ready to launch our fall retreats! Fall is an amazing time to come to Maui! Its quiet, the weather is always pleasantly warm, with lots of fresh breezes, beautiful sunsets and a sky full of stars.

September to November tends to be my favorite time on Maui: its nice to enjoy the less busy beaches and waterfalls and rainbows abound.

Fall can be such a great time to take time to relax, rejuvenate, maybe cleanse, and perhaps set new intentions for the upcoming winter season.

Imagine doing yoga on the beach, resting in the sun, swimming in gentle ocean waters, eating fresh organic amazing meals, fresh coconuts, getting daily massages and treatments! At night, listening to the gentle sounds of nature, gazing up at the vast sky, and just letting all worries, thoughts, and concerns lift away…

Right now: with the world seemingly turned upside down, and for some, a very stressful year and half of covid related things: what better way to come back to the moment, let go of stress, and give back to yourself then a Maui retreat.

Rejuvenate with a Fall Retreat

I know for me, taking time to step back from all the online input, and the opinions running rampant in our world about it all: it helps to re-center, and just know that in this moment, everything is okay. Maui helps me with this so much; as being in the rich splendor of island beauty melts it all away naturally.

We have so many ways to help you de-stress, get energy back, be inspired, have a positive outlook on the future, and feel good, really good!

We want you to feel happy, well, nurtured, and delighted with life.


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