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March 19

Family Retreats: Rejuvenation Retreats/Healing for the whole family


Aloha! This is Taya (owner of Maui Journeys). To introduce our family retreats let me begin by saying that I am a mother myself, so I can relate to parenting and all that it takes! I started offering family retreats after having my first child.

Our family rejuvenation retreats are so amazing: I can promise you they will transform your life forevermore!

Our family healing retreats will leave you feeling so much lighter, gathering new tools to create a new way of being together when you are home. We begin by hearing what you need, and then customize the journey most perfect for you!

I design these retreats based on what I would want if I was in retreat! And: customize each journey for each family in particular. Every family has different dynamics, different needs, and desires, and we cater to all of that with expertise. The retreats are designed to have you feeling rejuvenated and inspired. We love offering rejuvenation retreats to create an enhanced family life when you go home.

We take care of all the details so that unlike your typical family vacation where parents are exhausted just from orchestrating the experience: you actually get to relax and enjoy your journey. These retreats are far beyond your average vacation, they are the solution to creating an actually enjoyable experience that will far surpass your expectations!

It’s been such a joy to work with so many families over the years. We can cater to children of all ages, offering child-care and special activities for them while you enjoy classes, healing sessions, rejuvenation spa services, excursions, or just rest!

We also customize the family experience so that you can enjoy adventures together.

If you would like to work on improving the family dynamic we offer excellent conscious family sessions, coaching, meditation, and fun-filled bonding excursions where we help you create a harmonious experience.

Sometimes, as a family, negative patterns begin to set into place and you just don’t know how to create transformation within the family. We can work with you to transform everything from the ground up!

What’s more, your family retreat offers the option of follow-up zoom calls to help keep the momentum going and to work with anything new that may be arising.

You can choose from a wide range of coaching options post-retreat so there is a lasting benefit!

We recommend calling us for a consultation so that we can customize your experience and work with your budget to create the perfect family retreat.


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We love customizing retreats for the whole family!