Maui during this time: Covid update

Well the good news is: right now Maui is quite quiet to its a wonderful time to be here! The weather is cooling down a bit, and there are a lot of nice trade-winds The beaches are quiet and the water feels amazing!

Everything feels mellow and easy-going. Most of us here are just laid-back and really happy with life. There are a few restrictions in place to note: you can’t eat inside unless you are vaccinated or have a religious or health exemption. But you can always order take out!

And while on retreat all your meals are brought to you so this shouldn’t be an issue for anyone.

If you want to shop you can do so (with a mask which is a little inconvenient but there you have it).

As for Covid illnesses and deaths: there aren’t people dying everywhere, and in fact there aren’t even a lot of people getting really sick. Maui hasn’t even had many “covid-related” deaths. Its been mellow since day one. Even with the delta strain its still been really mellow.

Hopefully soon the masks mandates will ease off; but again they are only for shopping. You don’t have to wear a mask outside.

For now; again the good news is for anyone visiting..its quiet and easy-going- ideal for a trip here really!