Meet the Team

Taya Raine

Owner and Creator

Taya is an expert in the realm of retreats, having offered retreats throughout the islands, and is the previous owner of the Tara Yoga Center on the Big Island.

Embodying  a calm, peaceful, bright presence, Taya's retreat clients feel nurtured, safe, and deeply inspired.

Taya is extremely adept in creating the perfect island experience; inspiring all with her contagious love of the island and ocean!

Will Sanderson

Premier Chef

Will Sanderson (Maui Journeys’ premier chef) offers exquisite cuisine customized to meet each person’s specific dietary needs. Will’s joyful presence infuses the meals with that wonderful energy. His artful presentation has left more than one guest in joyful tears. It truly is a uniquely magical experience to be catered to by Will.

Will is also an expert teacher for those that want to learn some of his skills will on retreat or once home again.


Island Guide/Healer

I am a long term Hawaii resident whom is deeply connected to the lands and waters here and have a joy and skill at connecting people together, and to the land through the elements and embodiment practices. I have a background as both a scientist and a mystic and love to blend them together in the depths of both storytelling and day to day life in enriching experiences and healing modalities. 

 I have many “services” but if I could narrow them down to what I feel called to offer in this lens - it would be through leading ceremony adventures / nature immersions / spirit walks, facilitating dance journeys that are a blend of yoga / Qi gong and ecstatic dance, intuitive energy healing and channeling / holding containers for deep healing in ancestral lines and past incarnations and divination / tarot. 

 I also am a skilled organizer and communicator, though those skill sets are already quite tapped through my organization of my outdoor school, Hawaii environmental education alliance and Halau Ohia. 

I would love to offer myself as a nature guide / immersion healing specialist on Maui and occasionally on big island as well as facilitating elemental dance journeys (with sound healing often as a component). 

kumara rose

Kumara Rose

Lead Excursion Guide

Kumara Rose (one of Maui’s lead excursion guides) offers a deeply peaceful presence during the trips to Maui’s sites; her strong athletic skills allow her to create beautiful adventure tours, at whatever level of outdoor experience you would like to experience:

Kumara is great at helping guests feel well cared for, safe, and inspired!

elena herschberger

Elena Herschberger

Massage Therapist

Elena Herschberger is an intuitive massage therapist who utilizes an array of styles from Tui Na and Shiatsu to Swedish deep tissue. Having graduated with a Masters in Science, Oriental Medicine, she also specializes in Cupping and Gua Sha myofascial therapy as a cornerstone of her practice. With an understanding of physical and non-physical health, Elena creates a safe and loving energetic environment for healing to take place.

gentle thunder

Gentle Thunder

Gentle Thunder is a highly regarded Medicine Woman, Light Worker, Intuitive Healer, and Humanitarian.

Having been called to serve in many areas around the world, including South America, the World Peace movement in South Korea, the Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City and to construct medicine wheels, and Crystal Earth Grids as part of the planetary grid.

Gentle Thunder is well known for her Sound Journey’s, where her Native American/shamanic drumming and powerful sound frequency toning takes attendees on a profound journey back in time, into the future, and then back to the present, potentially experiencing a deeper awareness of self, healing Ancestral lines, receiving new light codes, activation codes, downloads, ascension, connect to other realms, and a recalibration of cellular structure.

As a conduit for Spirit, Gentle Thunder also offers intuitive/channeled Medicine Card readings, Cord cutting, Ancestral Karma clearing with Soul DNA cleansing, Spiritual Surgery and other Healing modalities.