Private retreats cater to your specific needs and desires. Let us help you create the most perfect retreat experience here on Maui.

Our retreats are uniquely personalized and filled with the spirit of Aloha. From the moment you arrive at the airport you are taken care of: from receiving a welcome package, to the smile that greets you with island warmth.

We take care of everything from your customized meals, special touches with your accommodation, to a comprehensive written schedule describing your perfect journey.

Maui Journey’s staff is always friendly and peaceful, offering a sense of calm you will find contagious and knowledge of Maui that will have you feeling intoxicatingly in love with the island from the first moment.

We’ll point out treasures (the scent of our rich diversity of flowers), to how the sun is setting just so to the rainbow in the distance…the way the billowy clouds roll by.

You receive gentle yet perceptive guidance on how to make every moment count: from a walk on the beach, to how to best enjoy an ocean swim, see sea turtles, watch the sunset while you take time for inner-reflection.

We begin with a free 30-minute phone consultation to customize your journey.

Take a moment to browse our menu. Click the link below to set up our free consultation or book your retreat today!

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