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I did my first yoga retreat with Taya at her center on Hawaii over 10 years ago; and to this day it remains the most transformation week of my life. It changed everything for me. Taya teaches more than average yoga; she gently. lovingly shows us how to reconnect with our soul through practice.

Victoria C.

This journey was perfect; from the beauty of the island excursions filled with so much liberating fun, to the food, the healing sessions that helped me clear so much grief, to the invigorating yoga and breathe: my personal retreat generated renewed clarity in me and a sense of wonder for life I don’t think I ever had. Can’t wait to come back. Thank you!

Chastity C.

Taya is a teacher who channels light and wisdom with a depth rarely encountered in this world. Through her presence and teaching, she has supported me profoundly in my own development. Thank you Taya for being who you are, and bringing through light for this planet!

Emile J.

Taya and the staff on my retreat far surpassed my wildest expectations. My family and I had the best time of our lives! We enjoyed cliff jumping, hiking, bodyboarding, and lots of good food, laughed hard, and learned to relate to each other in ways that have changed our life from really challenging to amazing!

Ted S.

This retreat transformed me in best of ways! I showed up full of stress, lack of inspiration, and vision. After a week with Taya and the lovely retreat staff, I was deeply invigorated, full of renewed purpose, and felt like a new, better version of myself.

Kelly B.

The space that Taya holds is gentle, powerful, wise, and protected. During breath practice, she remains attuned to my body, guiding me deeper into my breath and clarity. I can also sense her practicing clearing work and prayer the whole time, too. I always leave feeling wiser, more whole, held, and especially clear. This practice has changed my life so clearly. I used to feel so chaotic and moody in my emotional world. After practicing the breath daily - I feel calmer, so integrated in my Masculine & Feminine, strong, and confident to be who I am in the world & hold myself. I no longer feel so addicted to my suffering or my shadow. I can now really rest in Light thanks to this powerful breath and Taya's True guidance. If you want to walk in this world in a clear, calm, balanced way without trying *so* hard, tune into this breath and notice the sensations of your inner world / Life expand to Beauty.

Cameron B.

If you are looking to awaken to a new way of living that is gloriously filled with inspiration and high energy, look no further. Taya is like the embodiment of many masters all in one. Her calm demeanor, expertise in spiritual teachings and passion for the island creates the perfect blend for everything I ever wanted in in a retreat journey.

Tom S.

Taya is a gift to this world, her spirit of Aloha is strong. Whether just taking a walk with her or in deep healing sessions, she creates a feeling of safety and inspiration.

Amy S.

My retreat journey with Taya far surpassed my expectations: she is a light to this world; her laughter and joy is utterly contagious. She seems to know exactly what one needs, as though by magic. Her ability to guide one's inner-journey with expert support is so incredible. I can’t recommend a journey with Taya and her staff more!

Todd D.