September 1

You and the ocean!


There’s a way to be here with the ocean that will be the best experience you could possibly have: whether you are new to being with the ocean; or an adept swimmer, diver, or maybe a surfer at any level.

We love giving people the tools to have the most incredible time! Selecting the beach/ocean journeys most suited to who you are and what you are looking for; leaving no detail untouched.

Ocean Journeys

Beaches; we’ll take you the cleanest, quietest most majestic spots with the least amount of people where the water is safe to get into (and out of!).

Making sure you are comfortable: providing water, towels, shade, and even the best reef-safe (body safe) sunscreen, and pointing out some of the most incredible ways to be here with the ocean as you relax, explore, cool off in the enticing waters; and just let go of everything else!

Swimming: if you are new to swimming we are happy to support you feeling safe, and becoming more and more comfortable with your ocean journey.

We make sure your ocean journey is at the right time: avoiding mid-day sun so you don’t burn.

And if you want to surt: well, trust us we know all the spots and are always in the loop as to where the best waves are. Whether you want to try it out for the first time (we’ll take you to the safest, little tantalizing wave action); or perhaps your are somewhat of a pro and want in on the best big wave action: or somewhere in between. We know these island waves well and always use discernment and caution.


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